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Etsy Featured Shop Interview

Featured Etsy Shop: Kate Szabone JewelleryJan 15, 2018By Bora ChangDesigning and creating wedding and engagement rings has never been a job without its pressures. After all, if you do it right, you’re making a piece of jewelry that someone is going to remember—and wear—for the rest of their life. But modern makers like Whitby, Canada–based Kate Szabone face even higher stakes than their metalsmith…

The Custom Design Process

When you start to think of your engagement ring you may want to consider the idea of creating something custom.  Maybe it's a design inspired by your grandmothers ring, or something you have seen in a past era.  Perhaps you have imagined a ring that you can't find in a store.  You may be wondering how to get from an idea to the finished piece. This client started with a cu…