Designing with Gemstones

Summer is just around the corner which means I have to start thinking about fall designs!

It can be a challenge to look ahead and think about the next season’s colours, trends and styles but the process to create new designs takes time. From the initial CAD design, to making the wax and then finally casting in gold, each step adds up to several weeks of production time.

I often look to gemstones for inspiration and will design rings to fit a particular stone. It can be difficult for customers to visualize a finished ring.  By printing the wax model, I can then place a stone in the setting to give a clear view of how the finished product will look. And, if unsure about the design scale, I can send a the model to the customer (shown in photos below) so they can see how the finished product will look on their finger.

To me, fall is about the immense range of colours that adorn the trees around us, from copper reds to warm yellows to burnt orange. I love watching them meld together and imagine capturing those rich hues in a gemstone.

One of my new designs, below, is inspired by autumn leaves and the way they collect in swirling circles and pile up around a rock. In this case the rock is a gorgeous, rich copper-tone Tourmaline with the leaves hugging the stone in a bold setting.

Once inspiration ‘sets in’ I gather together various gemstones. The beauties below are just a sampling of some of the incredible colours I will be working with over the next few months. Some of my favourite stones are sapphires (below left) and rose cut diamonds (below right). They come in an array of colours and are perfect for engagement rings, being extremely hard and durable for long term wear.

I would love to hear from you about any ideas you may have for your dream ring using one of these stones or settings!  If you are interested in seeing one of my designs in person we can send you the wax model to try on.  

Please contact us for more details!