Exploring New Designs with Shapeways

A few months ago I began a side project with my daughter Lexi, to encourage her interest in CAD (Computer Aided-Design). She had been watching me design rings and after seeing how a computer rendering became finished piece she wanted to give it a try. It was coming up to Christmas and she thought it would be nice to make ornaments for her friends. We spent evenings together designing and learning CAD techniques. The first patterns were inspired by mandalas, lace and snowflakes.  Lexi also designed some unique ornaments for her friends and family. We printed them in plastic through Shapeways.  They look great! 

Duet Designs Ornaments

I thought about applying her designs to jewellery. She has an eye for interesting patterns and by scaling them down they were perfect as jewellery components. Using the same techniques we added some lace cuffs and rings to our collection. 

Duet Designs Jewellery

Lexi came up with our name 'Duet Designs' and created a Shapeways shop. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Shapeways, it is an online marketplace, much like Etsy, where CAD designers can bring their creations to life.  They create these designs in an array of materials from plastic to brass to solid gold.  They even create ceramic products!

It's been challenging trying to teach an excited 11 year-old when I still have a lot to learn about CAD design myself.  But the reward, I hope, will be our shared interest and growth in design, teamwork and entrepreneurship. 

Just last week our Lace Cuffs were featured on ‘Shapeways Picks', exciting for Lexi and encouragement to keep pursuing this!  


Share this journey of ours by checking out our Shapeways Shop - Duet Designs from time to time and follow us on Instagram for new designs. 

If you have a request we are open to any of your ideas and concepts.


Kate and Lexi