The Custom Design Process

When you start to think of your engagement ring you may want to consider the idea of creating something custom.  Maybe it's a design inspired by your grandmothers ring, or something you have seen in a past era.  Perhaps you have imagined a ring that you can't find in a store.  You may be wondering how to get from an idea to the finished piece. 

This client started with a custom Wobito-Cut Ametrine and wanted it set in an 18k yellow gold Art-deco inspired pendant.

From choosing a stone to designing the piece, we always try to give clients as many photos, renderings and videos as possible.  It starts with a sketch or CAD design...

By using computer rendering software we can bring the customers ideas to life and can make changes with ease.  Once we agree on the final rendering we will print the piece in wax. We will take a photo of the wax model with the stone to give them an idea of scale and overall look. 

We then cast and begin setting and finishing the piece.  I will have several photos of the finished piece, along with video if requested. The customer can see it from all angles before we ship.

From the initial design through to the finished product, it is a great experience for us and our clients. Our team is committed to craftsmanship and quality. We create all of our jewellery in house. This allows us to have greater quality control and hands-on craftsmanship. 
From modern to classic, from bold to delicate, our jewellery will be treasured for a lifetime.
Please email if you have any questions about the custom design process. 

Wobito Cut Ametrine - By Master Gem Cutters, Rudi and Ralph Wobito