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This new selection of rose cut diamonds have sparkling facets in soothing earthy tones. Each one is unique and have its own characteristics, some with translucency, others more opaque. 

All are natural, unheated diamonds with a romantic rose cut. A few have very tiny pits, inclusions or 'birthmarks', which give them character, but most have a clean surface (unless otherwise noted). 

This is a deposit listing only to reserve your diamond. This does not reflect the final price of the ring or the individual stone. Please contact us prior to ordering so we can discuss your custom ring and provide a quote.


1v) 1.04cts / 5.72 x 5.53mm / deep smokey plum, slightly rounded, nice shape and good sparkle
2v) 1.21cts / 6.52 x 8.31mm / semi-translucent silvery-grey and taupe colouring, two black specks on side of stone, slight feathering/inclusions, great shape and sparkle
3v) 1.23cts / 6.30 x 7.26mm / opaque grey with olive tones, minor pit on top, great sparkle
4v) 1.39cts / 7.67 x 5.89mm / deep browns with burgundy, minor surface pits, nice shape and sparkle
5v) 1.63cts / 7.11 x 8.25mm / pale opaque white-grey, high dome, large facets, nice sparkle
6v) 1.76cts / 9.23 x 7.2mm / soft honey, marbled, lovely irridecent, good facets, nice sparkle
7v) 1.81cts / 9.17 x 7.14mm / rich rust red, inner gold glow, 2 minor pits, fantastic sparkle
8v) 1.93cts / 9.11 x 7.09mm / semi-translucent charcoal edging, transparent centre with black swirls, small sparkling facets
9v) 2.31cts / 10.6 x 7.6mm / deep tortoiseshell, 'v' shape dome, surface inclusions, nice sparkle
10v) 2.35cts / 10.6 x 7.6mm / deep tortoiseshell, 'v' shape dome, surface inclusions, nice sparkle
11v) 2.58cts / 9.18 x 11.42mm / semi-opaque sepia earth tones, flat, great sparkle, minor inclusions
12v) 2.79cts / 9.35 x 11.58mm / soft grey-brown with sepia tones, glints of silver specks, flat stone, good sparkle
13v) 2.87cts / 9.72 x 13.08mm / semi-translucent, rich charcoal marbling, flat, good sparkle, inclusions


1c) 0.63cts / 5.30 x 5.83mm / clear grey crystal with dark grey specks, low profile, good sparkle
2c) 1.00cts / 5.87 x 5.50mm / creamy off-white, hint of grey, small facets, minor surface pit
3c) 1.02cts / 5.90 x 5.65mm / creamy opaque off-white with grey-green tones, minor surface pit
4c) 1.07cts / 6.65 x 6.70mm / creamy grey-beige, semi-translucent, good facets, crack-like inclusion
5c) 1.28cts / 5.81 x 5.11mm / semi-transparent mid-grey, granite look, nice facets, great sparkle
6c) 1.31cts / 6.26 x 6.13mm / opaque deep taupe and grey granite, small facets
8c) 1.34cts / 6.03 x 6.03mm / opaque creamy off-white and beige tones, small facets, minor surface pit, nice sparkle
9c) 1.45cts / 6.41 x 6.31mm / creamy off-white with hint of green-grey tones, small facets, good sparkle, dark speck in one corner
10c) 2.23cts / 8.17 x 8.20mm / creamy golden colour, opaque sides with clear crystal centre, nice sparkle, low profile
11c) 1.09cts / 7.33 x 6.83mm / transparent green, glints of gold, small facets, lovely sparkle
12c) SOLD
13c) 1.42cts / 6.59 x 7.85mm / opaque purple-grey colouring, rust patches, nice sparkle
14c) 2.10cts / 8.02 x 6.3mm / transparent green, glints of gold, small facets, lovely sparkle
15c) 2.06cts / 8.60 x 7.90mm / semi-translucent peachy coloured tones with olive green marbling, crystal-like sparkle
16c) 0.97cts / 6.79 x 6.0mm / deep charcoal grey, hints of red-brown streaks, opaque, good sparkle
17c) 0.72cts / 4.64 x 6.44mm / peach tone, semi-opaque, clear sections, nice sparkle
18c) 0.64cts / 6.98 x 5.35mm / transparent grey, speckled, flat dome, good sparkle
19c) 1.75cts / 11.41 x 7.60mm / charcoal speckled, semi-transparent, good facets and sparkle
20c) 3.79cts / 10.74 x 7.55mm / thick cut oblong shape, dark granite colouring, small facets, great sparkle, minor pit off centre


1w) 0.64cts / 5.48 x 5.39 x 1.91mm / translucent, floating white crystals throughout, great sparkle
2w) 0.72cts / 5.48 x 5.39 x 1.91mm / translucent, floating white crystals throughout, great sparkle
3w) 0.70cts / 5.54 x 5.34 x 2.42mm / semi-translucent off-white with white crystals, nice even shape
4w) 0.74cts / 5.98 x 5.56 x 2.55mm / clear centre, crystal white sides, rounded edges, high profile 
5w) 0.67cts / 6.81 x 5.20 x 2.19cts / translucent off-white, golden glow on one end, great sparkle
6w) 0.93cts / 6.81 x 5.48 x 2.36mm / white crystal, slightly wider ends than true oval, nice shape and sparkle


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