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This new selection of rose cut diamonds have sparkling facets in soothing earthy tones. Each one is unique and have its own characteristics, some with translucency, others more opaque. 

All are natural, unheated diamonds with a romantic rose cut. A few have very tiny pits, inclusions or 'birthmarks', which give them character, but most have a clean surface (unless otherwise noted). 

This is a deposit listing only to reserve your diamond. This does not reflect the final price of the ring or the individual stone. Please contact us prior to ordering so we can discuss your custom ring and provide a quote.

Photo 1 - Under 1 carat

1r) 0.56cts / 5.73mm / soft gold w/red spot, translucent, low profile, minor inclusions 
2r) 0.64cts / 5.72mm / soft grey, opaque with red tints, low profile, good sparkle
3r) 0.65cts / 5.40mm / grey granite marble w/red-gold glints, good sparkle
4r) SOLD
5r) 0.072cts / 5.92mm / soft warm brown, opaque, wonderful facets, sparkles
6r) 0.76cts / 5.98mm / opaque grey, red/black spots, nice sparkle
7r) 0.77cts / 5.72mm / opaque grey, translucent glints, good sparkle, low profile
8r) SOLD
9r) 0.80cts / 6.14mm / brown/grey, small scratch, translucent marbling
10r) SOLD
11r) SOLD
12r) 0.81cts / 5.89mm / soft red/brown, red veins on side, sparkle
13r) SOLD
14r) 0.83cts / 5.57mm / soft beige/grey, red tints, nice sparkle
15r) 0.84cts / 5.65mm / mid-grey, opaque, good facets/sparkle, nice shape
16r) 0.84cts / 5.72mm / smokey opaque grey, translucent granite spot, good sparkle
17r) 0.85cts / 5.75mm / soft grey w/red marbling, flat top, great sparkle, clean
18r) 0.89cts /5.75mm / steel grey, rich red/brown tints, good sparkle
19r) 0.90cts / 5.96mm / grey, beige/red tints, minor pit, sparkles
20r) 0.92cts / 6.08mm / smokey grey, red on sides, large facets
21r) 0.93cts / 5.98mm / smokey grey/brown, red shading, great spark
22r) 0.93cts / 5.79mm / opaque grey, translucent section, rust tints, good sparkle
23r) 0.95cts / 5.79mm / steel grey/red tinting, transparent, sparkles
24r) SOLD

Photo 2 - 1 carat and Over

25r) 1.01cts / 5.95mm / pale grey, red-gold marbling, medium facets, nice shape/sparkle
26r) 1.01cts / 6.38mm / beige/grey, reddish tones on sides, large facets
27r) 1.06cts / 6.27mm - deep grey, opaque w/small crystal area, high profile, sparkle
28r) 1.08cts / 6.26mm - light creamy grey, green overtone, red dot
29r) 1.11cts / 6.09mm - soft grey, semi-opaque, red tints, crystal spots, great sparkle
30r) SOLD
31r) 1.15cts / 5.58mm - soft vanilla, opaque w/reddish fingerprint, good sparkle, 
32r) SOLD
33r) 1.17cts / 7.11mm / peach-grey, red overtones, large facets
34r) 1.21cts / 5.79mm / milky grey sides/soft red center, sparkle
35r) 1.25cts / 6.43mm / smokey gold/brown/grey, good facets
36r) 1.27cts / 6.52mm / opaque dark grey, red tints, pit on side, good shape and sparkle
37r) 1.34cts / 6.28mm / dark grey, red inclusions, small facets
38r) SOLD
39r) 1.37cts / 6.59mm / dark smokey grey, red edges, minor pit, small facets
40r) 1.37cts / 6.70mm / creamy taupe/grey, red shading, large facets
41r) 1.39cts / 6.43mm / semi-transparent charcoal, interesting internal inclusions, great sparkle
42r) SOLD
43r) 1.41cts / 6.28mm / semi-transparent charcoal, interesting internal inclusions, great sparkle
44r) 1.44cts / 6.40mm / grey/brown translucent marble, rose tints, great sparkle
45r) 1.55cts / 7.51mm / opaque, browns/reds, large facets, minor pit
46r) 1.58cts / 6.80mm / smokey grey, red tones, great sparkle
47r) 1.60cts / 6.85mm - medium/dark granite, even tones with gold/silver sparkle
48r) SOLD
49r) 1.66cts / 7.94mm - opaque, gold-grey sides, red tint, small facets, great sparkle
50r) 1.73cts / 7.50mm / deep taupe, red swirl, medium facets
51r) SOLD
52r) 2.03cts / 7.64mm / peach-grey, rust red inclusions, medium facets

Photo 3 - Tambouli-cut Diamonds
Each tambouli-cut diamond is unique with no two sharing the same number of facets. The facets are very small emphasizing the colour and shape of each stone.

1t) 0.86cts / 5.54mm / deep auburn w/marbling, lovely dome, clean, good sparkle
2t) 0.93cts / 5.30mm / opaque, off-white, hint of lemon, loely dome, great sparkle
3t) 0.96cts / 5.78mm / opaque red/brown, marbled, minor surface pits, good sparkle
4t) SOLD
5t) SOLD
6t) 1.55 cts / 7.44mm / grey and red crystals, smokey spot, small facets
7t) 1.65cts / 7.52mm / creamy rose-beige, small red inclusions, nice shaped dome
8t) 4.67 cts / 10mm / 5.2mm high, dark chocolate marbling, small facets, great sparkle
9t) SOLD
10t) 1.41cts / 6.97mm / opaque, lighter on sides, nice dome, clean, good sparkle
11t) 1.47cts / 7.10mm / semi-opaque, light specks, great facets and sparkle


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